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Water Zorbs

Walking On Water

We bring to you the complete package, in your garden or at your event, our team will assemble our 9m x 7m or 5m round pools which holds water to the depth of 300mm, along with six inflatable water walking balls

water walkers water zorbs
Hiring our inflatable water waking ride is easy. Our hire packages at Waters zorbs can be specially tailored to your individual requirements.
Or our % scheme for larger events is great for raising money 
water walkers water zorbs

Water Zorbs

We at waterzorbs specialise in providing  fun and high quality leisure equipment all across Europe. Our brand new leading product is the “Water Zorbs”, water walkers and  where both young and old can enjoy one of the most fun and active sporting activities in the leisure business. All our products are of the highest standard and manufactured using the best materials to ensure durability and safety. All our friendly and trained staff will make sure that the pool operates with a high standard of security.

Water Zorbs or Water Walkers has some call then is suitable for fun fairs, fetes, carnivals, fun days, street parties, beaches, holiday parks, fun and leisure parks, swimming pools and much more. You can run, jump, spin, flip, all without getting wet.

We operate different to most we can fill our tank in under 1 hour different to most because we have specialist equipment for filling and emptying  so no big puddles

To discuss your event, whether it be a private party, end of term party  works/corporate party or promotion please contact us to discuss how we can incorporate the Water Walkerz human water walking balls at your event. If you want a professionally supplied and operated water walker throughout the UK, then our service is the best available - totally professional and great fun for all ages.

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water walkers water zorbs